Purina Fancy Feast Royale Seabream Surimi Sole & Snapper in a Decadent Silky Broth 40g

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Title: 40g
RM 2.50


Treat your cat with the delicious range of Purina Fancy Feast Royale deliciously light broth. Made from the fancy feast kitchen, its succulent dishes are crafted with love specially for our little cat. Only the highest quality seabream, surimi, sole, and snapper are used and carefully handpicked to produce the nutritious and delicious food for your little special. Comes in surimi sole and snapper in a decadent silky broth, to give your cat the occasional or supplemental feeding that full of Vitamin E.
  • With seabream, surimi, sole and snapper flakes
  • Swirl pack around for well-blend ingredients
  • Rich in Vitamin E
  • Occasional or supplemental feeding
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