Dried Fruits

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Biji Sagu (Sago) 400g
Walnut Halves (United State) 500g
Dried Apricots 250g
Australia Dhall (Kacang Dhal Australia) 500g
Dried Apricot (Turkey) 200g
MsCook TGM Fried Bean Curd Sheet 100g
Red Dates 250g
Red Dates 250g
RM 6.89
Seedless Red Dates 250g
Pumpkin Seeds 200g
Mahnaz Food Rotab Mozafati Bam Nasratan (Dates) 600g
Macadamia Nut Halved 250g
Whole Shelled Almonds 500g
Cashewnuts 500g
Cashewnuts 500g
RM 33.50
Ege Soft Fig 400g
Gojiberry (Wolfberry) 250g
MasCook TGP Fried Bean Curd Stick 100g
Dried Longan (Thailand) 100g
Slivered Almond (Strips) 250g+/-
Al-Aqsa Premium Safawi Dates 200g
Bahar Tunisa Deglet Nour (Kurma Bertangkai Tunisia) 400g
Al-Aqsa Premium Ajwa Dates 200g
The Royal Dates Box (4 in 1 Dates) 1kg
Al-Aqsa Medjool Dates 1kg
Al-Nakhil Najwa Dates 500g
SunTree Premium Mazafati Dates 400g
Ege Soft Fig 250g
Al-Aqsa Premium Medjoul Dates 400g
Al-Aqsa Premium Mariami Jumbo Dates 200g
Al-Aqsa Premium Mariami Grade A Dates 200g
Al-Aqsa Premium Mariami AA Dates 400g
Al-Aqsa Premium Safawi Dates 1kg
Mida's Pappadums Red Chilli 110g
Mida’s Pappadums Green Chilli 110g

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