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Bonfisken Norwegian Live Well Gravlax Salmon Slices 100g
Live Well Smoked Salmon 100g
Live Well Smoked Salmon Black Pepper Marinated 100g
Mushroom Fried Fish Balls Large (Bebola Ikan Goreng) 230g
Frozen Cod Fish 250g
Frozen Terubok 400g
Chilled Norwegian Fjord Trout Salmon Fillet 200g+/-
Chilled Norwegian Atlantic Salmon Fillet 200g+/-
Sia Seafood Tofu 1pack
Pacific West Salt and Pepper Squid 400g
Live Well Smoked Salmon (Traditional) 75g
Live Well Smoked Salmon (Black Pepper) 75g
Fume Gravalax Asian Salmon 100g
Fume Smoked Mixed Pepper Salmon 100g
Atlantis Boiled Hotate Scallop Meat 300g
Atlantis IQF Tiger Prawn Meat 50/70 PD 250g
Atlantis Frozen Salmon Block 200g
Atlantis IQF Frozen Blue Mussel Meat 200g
Hai Yong Ikan Puchok Goreng (Mini) 200g
Live Well Smoked Salmon Cumin 100g
Fume Smoked Beetroot Salmon 100g

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