Frozen Meat

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Gourmessa Beef Breakfast Streaky 100g
Emborg French Fries Crinkle 1kg
Emborg Shoestring French Fries 1kg
Ayamas Crispy Tempura Chicken Nuggets 850g
Emborg French Fries (Straight Cut) 1kg
Sri Segar Minced Meat Beef 1kg
Dara Prima 70 Beef Burger 70g x 6
Farms Best Chicken Meatballs with Vegetables 400g
Gourmessa Chicken Mosaic Slice 100g
Marina Tempura Chicken Nuggets Vegetarian  750g
Gourmessa Chicken Lyoner 100g
CP Tom Yum Jumbo Chicken Pop Corn 550g
Farms Best Chicken Meatball (Plain) 400g
New Zealand Frozen Boneless Lamb Shoulder 1.5kg
Dara Prima 70 Lamb Burger 70g x 6
Victoria Crest Beef Burger  460g

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