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Pacific West Fish and Chips 500g
Marina Tempura Chicken Nuggets with Vegetable 750g
Nutriplus Tempura Chicken Nugget with Cheese 800g
Tricious Beef Bolognese Lasagna 280g
Orchard Gold Supreme Frozen Blueberries Fruit 500g
Nutriplus Honey Chicken Frank 300g
Save 14%
Pacific West Tempura Natural Calamari Rings 500g
Save 9%
Kawan Malaysian Roti Chanai 480g
Kawan Malaysian Roti Chanai 480g
RM 8.99 RM 9.90
Figo Beef Meatball 500g
Creapan American Pancakes 40g x 6
Gourmet Chef Chicken Jumbo 6 1kg
Gourmet Chef Chicken Breakfast Sausage 1kg
Ramly Meat Ball 800g
Ramly Meat Ball 800g
RM 16.50
Atlantis Frozen Halibut Fillet 300g
Nutriplus Crunchy Spicy Tempura Chicken Nugget 800g
Atlantis Boiled Hotate Scallop Meat 300g
Gourmessa Chicken Lyoner 100g
Frozen Whole Duck 2kg
RM 35.80
Save 12%
Figo Cheesy Fish Curd 500g
Foodworth Durian Mochi 120g
New Zealand Frozen Boneless Lamb Shoulder 1.5kg
Save 12%
Tricious 9.5” BBQ Chicken Pizza 340g
Victoria Crest Lamb & Beef Merguez Sausage 50g x 10
Ramly Chicken Ball 800g
Victoria Crest Smoked Chicken Sausage 50g x 8

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